Sweet potato fries served with a smoky barbecue dip £3.50 V
Homemade soup of the day served with crusty bread £5.00
Toasted ciabatta served with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mixed olives £6.25 V
Tempura battered
king prawns served with a plum dipping sauce and s
alad garnish £6.25
(available as a main meal £13.50)
Greek salad (a crisp salad with olives and feta cheese) served with a balsamic syrup and extra virgin olive oil dressing and bloomer bread £6.25 -
(available as a main meal £9.50) V
Creamy garlic mushrooms served with bloomer bread £6.00 V
Breaded chicken goujons served with a smoky barbecue dip and salad garnish £6.25
Breaded Thai cod and prawn fishcake served with salad garnish and chilli dipping sauce £6.25 - (available as amain meal £12.00)

Main Meals

*Sunday roasts (please ask about
 today’s choices) served with roast and new potatoes and vegetables £12.00
*Homemade steak, mushroom and ale pie
(topped with a puff pastry lid) £12.50

*Homemade venison casserole (slow cooked venison and vegetables in a rich red wine and port gravy) £12.50G
*Homemade lamb and rosemary casserole (lamb and small whole onions, cooked in a red wine,
redcurrant and rosemary gravy) £12.50 G

Chicken and potato tamarind curry served with rice, naan bread and mango chutney £12.50
*Tomato and mozzarella filled ravioli served with a mushroom, sun dried tomato and basil cream sauce and a mixed salad £12.00 V

Creamy coconut, chick pea and sweet potato curry served with pilau rice and a mixed salad £12.00 (fairly hot) V G
*Pork and leek sausages served on mashed potato
and onion gravy £12.00
*12oz gammon served with egg, pineapple or both and a mixed salad £12.50 G
*Breaded wholetail scampi served with a mixed salad £12.00

All meals are served with vegetables and a choice of chips, new or mashed potato unless stated otherwise
All main meals marked * are available in smaller portions at £8.75

V = vegetarion G = gluten free