Sandwiches (one and a half rounds served on white or wholemeal bread)
Choose from home cooked beef, ham, mature cheddar cheese (V),
tuna and mayonnaise £6.00
Coronation chicken, prawn with Marie Rose sauce £6.75

Ciabattas (served with a few chips and a salad garnish) £8.00
Hot fillings: Beef and onion, beef and mushroom, bacon, bacon and mushroom, bacon and melted cheese (cheddar or blue stilton),
chicken and bacon, sausage, sausage and onion, 
grilled halloumi cheese and roasted red pepper (V)
Cold fillings: Coronation chicken, prawn with Marie Rose sauce, mature cheddar cheese (V), tuna mayonnaise, blue stilton with pickle (V)
Extra toppings £1.25

Burgers (served with a few chips and a salad garnish)
6oz Aberdeen Angus burger £7.50, with cheddar cheese or blue stilton £8.20

Ploughman’s lunch £9.00
Choose from mature cheddar cheese (V), blue stilton cheese (V), home cooked beef, ham (or a combination of two of these)
Served with a salad garnish, apple, celery, pickled onion, pickle and crusty bread

Jacket potatoes (served with a salad garnish)
Plain or with butter £4.75
Baked beans (V, G) or mature cheddar cheese (V, G) £5.75
Bacon and mushroom (G) or coronation chicken (G) £7.25
Tuna mayonnaise (G) or prawn and Marie Rose sauce (G) £7.25
Extra toppings £1.25


Regular coffee, Espresso, Americano, Decaffeinated £1.80
Capucciono, Latté, Mocha, Double Espresso, Hot Chocolate £2.50
Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Green, Decaffeinated £1.80

V = Vegetarian G = Gluten Free